Denglu1®, Safeguards your web identity!

  • Smart password manager without Password Fatigue
  • Safe browser, protect privacy from phishing
  • Cloud backup & recovery
  • New authentication scheme, App + Server Agent/ Browser Extension


Cloud Engine

Our algorithm is deployed on cloud providing secure, precise and fast dectection service.

Secure Scanning

Read information in QR code and send to cloud-based engine with encryption which protecting privacy.

One Click Registration

Simplify registration prosess, auto filling out, register in one second.

Anti-phishing API

API for third party and enterprise, customized service.

Big Data

Real time analysing cloud-based anti-phishing backend engine. Security report for enterprie and organization.

Logon via Scanning

Secure and fast, no privacy leakage risk.

Secure Browsing

Built-in secure browser could block fraud webpages.

Browser Extension


Download for Chrome

NoPhish News

  • Dr. Liu Wenyin gives a talk at Cyber Security Summit in May 2016
  • safeQR enters the CACSC - HK regional final in Oct. 2016
  • Mr. Shawn Zhang shows safeQR at TechCrunch Disrupt San Fransisco 2016
  • Dr. Liu Wenyin attends venture capital TV show the Best Project of China in Guizhou in Nov. 2016
  • Denglu1® App is launched at the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair and safeQR wins Excellent Product Award in Nov. 2017
  • Denglu1® wins the 3rd China IT Internet Product Innovation Award in June 2018
  • WISChain wins the 1st prize of The Application of Blockchain Technology DAPP Competition (University Category) in July 2018
  • Denglu1® wins the 10th International Exhibition of Inventions Silver Award in September 2018
  • Denglu Technology is authorised CREDIT+ certification by Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation in December 2018

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